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What is a thermal camera and how does it help detect moisture?

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What is a thermal camera and how does it help detect moisture?

We, Αποφράξεις Αναγνώστου are often called upon to solve the problem of humidity in various places. Humidity is the worst enemy of any home, office or shop, as it affects the quality of life and health of tenants or employees.

The biggest fear of our customers is whether we need to dig to find any leaks in water pipes, so that we can proceed to change pipes. Fortunately, technology is advancing and we, the professional plumbers, have at our disposal the life-saving thermal cameras.

Let’s see what role the thermal camera plays in detecting a leak that causes unwanted moisture, to show you that even a seemingly difficult humidity problem can be remedied with just a small intervention in your space.

How does a thermal camera work?

The thermal camera can visually capture the different temperatures of materials in the room. The cold materials are depicted in blue, the warmer in red and the high temperature in yellow.

The water in the different pipes has a different temperature. Therefore, it is easy to see the flow of water in the thermal camera, without first destroying the environment of your bathroom (tiles and other building elements) or another room where the problem is located.

What does the thermal camera help with?

Once we notice in the camera an irregular diffusion of water out of the pipes, then we have located the center of the problem, which is probably expressed as moisture and mold on the wall. Some work will definitely need to be done to repair the hydraulic damage.

What is certain, however, is that this work is limited to the point of leakage and not to the entire network of pipes in the area.

What does the thermal camera detect?

The thermal camera detects hidden leaks from water, heating and sewer pipes, which are difficult to detect without special equipment, and usually cause moisture and mold.

Especially in inaccessible places or places that are covered with structural elements (cement, tiles, marble), the thermal camera proves to be a savior for the owners.

A thermal camera detects leaks from:

  • Sewerage
  • Radiators – Underfloor heating
  • Water supply network

What we save with the thermal camera?

The thermal camera and its use to detect leaks is very important, mainly in terms of cost reduction and avoidance of useless work.

If you have a freshly renovated bathroom, it is a shame to have to do the tiling work again. Of course, you also save time, as the technical work is limited and you can return to normal everyday life extremely quickly.

Do not neglect the humidity. When there is moisture in a room, it is difficult for it to disappear on its own. Usually things get worse and the corrosion goes further as you leave it.

Call a team of professional plumbers today, who will solve the problem with the appropriate technology in hand. Apofraxeis Anagnostou serves you with the most suitable means and with a decade of experience in matters of plumbing.

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Getting to Know Your Bathroom

A shower room has 2 different sets of pipelines, one for inbound clean water, and one more for draining or discarding pre-owned water. Therefore, the restroom also calls for two elements to be functional: drain-waste-vent and also water.

Consider it this way: whenever you flush the bathroom or switch on the shower, the supply-side plumbing part ensures new water moves in. On the flip side, the drain-waste-vent removes second-hand water through a drain and also sends it directly right into the drain or a septic tank (antlisi udaton). Water must go through a long and winding system to reach your home, a lot more so your bathroom. That’s why people have to recognize exactly how to save water, as it is usually sourced from the water system of your city.

Since most of the shower room components are concealed from sight, they are normally thought of as complex. However really, everyone can discover a few basic maintenance tips and methods. As a rule, remember to check for a consistent launch of cozy water from your shower head, the extension of a commode flush, no noticeable leaks, and sufficient water stress in your sink. Find out just how to make quick fixes from an expert plumber or buddies who know just how to take care of such things. However if you assume the issue might be symptomatic of a larger issue, call an expert for aid as soon as possible.


It might sound sinister, however the P-Trap is in fact the U-shaped section of the drainpipe pipe that is generally located under the sink. It is shaped like that so when you accidentally drop something important down the sink. You can examine the P-Trap to see if you can still get it. This belongs of your bathroom’s plumbing that can be eliminated merely by loosening up the huge nut at each end of it. Keep in mind to shut off the supply of water and also leave a pail below to catch the water that will certainly drain pipes out.

Stress Harmonizing System

The pressure-balancing shut off is a handy tool which regulates the temperature level in your water. It is a well-known anti-scalding step located in the majority of faucets and also showers. It stops your water from getting too warm while you are washing up. This is best for residences with children or senior individuals.

Thermostatic Valve

Like the pressure-balancing shut off, the thermostatic valve can likewise regulate the temperature level of water in your home. This set can also manage the temperature for taps in your home. The thermostatic valve controls as well as senses the real temperature of the water.  While a pressure-balance valve is restricted to managing and also noticing the ratio of cold water to hot water. That stated, they work together to get a smooth temperature control based on your demands.

Shut-off Valve

The shut-off valve is the one that regulates the water flow of the entire residence. You can utilize it to reduce the water in case of significant pipes emergency situations. Like a huge leakage or burst pipe. This shut off aids protect against excess water from damaging your restroom. The shut-off valve usually resembles a faucet and might be discovered attached to particular pipes in the shower room. You ought to discover where yours is located, so you will certainly recognize which valve to enclose instance of a pipes emergency. When all else falls short, this is the first thing you require to close down before attempting anything else.

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5 tips to protect your home

Enhancing your brand-new house is absolutely added fun than developing safety and also security activities. However burglars strike every 2 min, so home protection should with a security door (portes pyrasfaleias) certainly be a leading priority. To help you return to the enjoyable things, right here are 5 suggestions you should certainly do now to protect your brand-new home.

Door safety locks

You require to update the deadbolt along with lock established plates of your outside doors if you haven’t already done so. Police break-in data reveal that burglaries occur by force in the front, back or garage service door. For this work, you need just regular woodworking devices, in addition to a 2-1/8 in. opening up saw bit along with furthermore a 1-in. spade bit (have a look at the deadbolt packaging for the details little dimension needed). Home centres usually lug deadbolt instalment plans with the most effective measurement bit.

Review all outdoors doors

A secured access starts with a safety and security door and also a high quality deadbolt with a solid long toss screw. Any kind of outdoors door that simply has a safe the doorknob isn’t secure. A tough screwdriver or tiny bar can right away bow the door jamb adequate to launch the lock.

Examine your existing deadbolt. First, make certain the screws are limited. Unlock as well as likewise expand the toss screw. If it increases a lot much less than 1 in., or if it’s unstable, a new deadbolt will absolutely be extra risk-free. Next off, check out the door jamb in addition to similarly both strike plates. Eliminate the screws from the deadbolt and also necklace strike plates on the door framework. If the screws aren’t 3 in. long, change them, together with additionally upgrade both plates. (Note: Use much shorter screws if sidelight residence home windows are much less than 3 in. from the door jamb.) These longer screws will absolutely boost the door jamb, which is an in jeopardy area.

Modification the dead-bolt

To uncover the beginning factor for the opening saw bit, guard the scrap board to the door as well as mark both the upright and also the straight facility of the new cyndrical tube hole. Identify to hold the drill degree in addition to additionally appropriate so the opening saw little bit does not bind in addition to likewise snag your wrist together with arm. If you do not have a full-depth opening saw bit, chip the timber much from a partially pierced opening, after that continue boring. Go sluggish so you do not splinter the on the other hand side when the bit experiences the door.

Currently clean the opening as well as similarly test-fit the deadbolt. If the throw-bolt opening is too small, neat it out with an information. Ensure the connected throw-bolt door strike plate fits flush, afterwards affix the screw complied with by the deadbolt cyndrical tube. Hand-drive the screws or make use of a power drill could remove the strings.

Alteration the lock established door strike plate

To better boost the door jamb, install a new strike plate instead of the old lip door strike plate that provides the doorknob lock collection. Connect it with 3-in. screws. Ascertain the screw heads seat flush with the face of the strike plate We took advantage of No. 8 x 3-in. screws. No. 10 x 3-in. screws (taken advantage of for the deadbolt plate) were additionally significant. Bear in mind to angle the screws back slightly to make certain to capture the structure. Once more, you might require to sculpt a slightly larger mortise in addition to furthermore pre drill to drive the screws.

Modification the deadbolt strike plate

Develop a durable door strike plate lock to improve the door-jamb. We really did not make use of the strike plate lock that consisted of the deadbolt. We picked a whole lot extra safe strike box plate that includes 4 screws instead of 2. Mark the centre of the old deadbolt strike plate, afterwards rapidly set up the brand-new faceplate as well as also deeply acquire around it to mark its positioning.

Currently remove the wood with a timber sculpt to fit both the strike box plate as well as the faceplate. Guarantee to make use of the wood shape with the bevel side versus the wood to avoid gouging uncomprehension. Inevitably, position the plate in addition to box and in addition attach them with 4 3-in. screws. Pre drill pilot openings right into the wall surface studs to make the screws much less made complicated to drive. Establish the screws snug to home base over driving can bow the jamb.

Presently you can take a break a little a whole lot less complicated, recognizing you have actually made your house a lot far more protected with your security door.

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