A clogged toilet bowl is a messy and annoying problem that needs immediate attention according to Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. It affects private and public health and turns into a frustrating nuisance for the whole family. There are many different reasons why toilets clog.

When is unclogging needed?

The clogging of the basin is necessary when you find that the water is slow to be absorbed, the water level is higher or bad smells emerge. Unclogging the bathtub is a one-way street and requires the immediate intervention of an unclogging crew.

Why is the toilet bowl clogged?

A toilet bowl can become clogged for a number of reasons. Some of them are obvious and some are not so obvious and easy to notice, especially in homes with children. For example, children may lose their attention and drop objects in the basin, which by pressing the toilet are no longer visible, but have blocked the free passage of water into the drain.

While you can take a number of precautions to keep your toilet drain pipe in good condition, there are always reasons why the bowl can get clogged. They are:

  • Clogged toilet from feces
  • Clogged basin from dropping paper, cotton or baby wipes
  • Malfunctions in the connection of the basin with the sewer
  • Dropping objects or other waste into the basin.

Some tips to keep your basin plumbing in good condition and free of the possibility of blockages are:

  • Pour baking soda at least once a month along with warm water.
  • Use the right cleaners for your basin.
  • Avoid throwing away paper and other items, even those listed as biodegradable, as they break down at a slow rate and may lead to a blockage in the drain pipe.

Unclogging clogged toilet

For toilet unclogs, there are a few things you can try first that may help if the problem isn’t too severe. Specifically, the solutions to the problem of a clogged toilet are as follows:

With vinegar and baking soda

Use a cup of baking soda in the sink, after draining the water in the trap, then add vinegar. The reaction that takes place can remove organic matter that has settled in the pipes, even in places not visible. It is an economic and traditional method, which solves the issue, if it does not have a great momentum and scope.

Toilet unclogging with hot water and dishwashing liquid

And this method can be used either to keep the sewage system in good condition, or to unclog non-extensive problems.

Unclog toilet with wire

This method can be used if you know that there is a specific obstruction relatively close to the bowl opening that needs to be removed.

Suction cup unclogging

The reciprocating motions of the suction cup create an air gap and force the blockage to move, pushing it further into the drain system and freeing the water passage again.

The toilet is one of the most frequently used places in the house. This means that a clogged basin can lead to unsanitary conditions and very unpleasant cleaning. Understanding why the toilet clogs will help with future blockages. Listed are some of the causes that can cause one of the dirtiest conditions in the toilet.

The water is too hard or too chlorinated

Hard water is water full of minerals such as calcium. Over time minerals are deposited inside the basin and especially inside the drain pipe. In the city, the chlorine added to the water to kill bacteria can have a bad effect on any plastic or rubber parts in the basin.

Ventilation issues

The drainage system needs air flow to function. This is to prevent vacuum formation and holding sewage in place. If there is a problem with the vent pipe going to your roof, the pressure alone can prevent a proper flush.

Over time, these air ducts may become clogged with leaves, twigs and animal nests. A blocked toilet vent will reduce the drain flow and can cause regular blockages.

Toilet bowl design

Like anything else, a toilet can be designed well or poorly. It’s not a matter of cost but of design. Regardless of the minimum volume of water used to flush the basin, things like the width of the opening, the “neck” of the basin drain, the angle of the basin and other details of its shape can either help or hurt each flush.

There is not enough water in the toilet

If there is a problem with the toilet’s water inlet line, the toilet may not fill completely. The result is that the correct amount of water does not fall into the basin when you pull the faucet and it clogs.

The only things that should go down the toilet are bodily waste. No paper, no thread, no paper towels, no disposable tissues, no cotton balls, no anything.

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