There is nothing better than experimenting and stealing clothes from your father, boyfriend , husband or any friend in general, isn’t it ? There is a sense of comfort and style in male apparels and you can’t just deny it.

But the best experimentation comes with a new trendy women bag ( tsanta gynaikeia ).

I remember stealing my father’s shirts so often and wearing them and showing them off, as they would always bring out a unique sense of ease and manner that would always attract me. Elysian is one such luxury brand that is remarkable in designing beautiful black and white shirts for men. These shirts are in no way mundane and regulars, they are versatile and very unique in their intricate designs. Elysian has given white formal shirts a different meaning and a different perspective.

SHE FOR HE, has been a great opportunity to explore men’s fashion for women and get ourselves into these beautiful, slick shirts we were always envious of. This blog post has been a representation of how a men’s shirt is styled for women as well as for men, A little hint to the girls here there is nothing in your father’s closet that you can’t steal anymore.

The Wardrobe Wagon, when initially was started off , never thought that we would be able to incorporate something for men in our blog, but I am more than glad to spread our wings and also start men’s blogging time and again.

What’s different about these shirts is the detailing on the collars and the buttons. The details make these apparels a total win win for parties, casual outfits or even a runway show.

Let’s check it out!