The bare skin of the neck and bust (in the French décolletage) was, is and always will be the ornament for a woman (φορέματα). However, the right dress can highlight it, while the wrong one can emphasize any imperfections.

So, depending on your body type and the qualifications you possess, choose the appropriate neckline that your everyday or evening dress should have, to add an extra femininity to your appearance.

V-neck dress

It is the shape that suits almost all women, mainly because it makes the neck look longer.

It improves the visual effect of disproportionately large breasts by making them appear less bulky. A basic condition is that your dress does not have a deep neckline, because it risks becoming provocative.

Also, when the chest is small, it is good that the V of your dress is not loose but fits well on the bust. A good idea is to decorate it using some ribbon, a scarf, a small ruffle or a decorative border, or a bow.

If you have a beautiful bust and shoulders, the V may not be as deep as it is wide (open, i.e. at an obtuse angle). It will highlight a strong point of your feminine beauty.

So put on your favorite mini, midi dress, in a straight or cloche line, with a V-shaped neckline and get ready to amaze the crowds!

Dress with a U-shaped neckline

The curve is a quintessentially feminine shape, so it naturally adds elegance. If you have a short neck, the neckline of the dress you choose should be narrower and deeper (but not below the point where the chest begins). Also, its shape emphasizes beautiful, rounded shoulders, but even if you have narrow shoulders it will visually enhance them.

Dress with a smiley neckline

Ideal for slim silhouettes with normal breasts, on the other hand, consider unsuitable for women with large, heavy, breasts, because it makes them look even bigger. It is very suitable for those who have short or high hair.

But be careful because, if your back is wider than the circumference, this disproportion will appear even more pronounced. On the contrary, if you have narrow shoulders, it suits you perfectly!

So to sum up a midi, mini or maxi dress with a smiley neckline is best for women who have a small or normal bust.

Dress with a square neckline

It goes well with women with small or normal breasts and a relatively high neck, and it also suits very round faces. It is not particularly flattering on those with broad shoulders. If it’s the neckline of an A-line dress, in a fitted line and you want your arms to look slimmer, then it’s better to choose straps that are wide and not thin.

Dress with crotch neckline

Its name comes from the French word croisé, which means crossed and it suits it perfectly, as it perfectly describes the way it “closes”. A halter dress is usually tied with a belt at the waist or fastened with a clasp to keep it in place.

Even the double-breasted dress is irresistible and so loved, because it can be worn from the morning at the office to the evening on your way out. Usually, it is preferred by women with a large bust, because the cut of the neckline flatters the chest, while the crotch of the dress makes the waist look slimmer!

Dress with a heart-shaped neckline

As its name suggests, this neckline forms two heart-shaped curves. This style is chosen by women who want to be revealing and draw attention to the chest area, as it is one of the best lines of women’s dresses that emphasize and aesthetically highlight the bust.

The sweetheart neckline suits most body types. It fits perfectly on a large bust but also on a small chest, it gives an even more attractive look.

So dare it and steal the show by wearing a mini dress with an enhanced heart-shaped neckline, open back and sequins, which will uniquely highlight the bust giving an extra dose of femininity.

Strapless dress

This neckline style highlights the neck as well as the shoulders. It is romantic and at the same time very feminine, as it suits women who are petite, with a small to medium bust.

The strapless neckline is undoubtedly one of the most popular styles, especially for evening maxi dresses and formal, beaded dresses for a wedding or a christening. Usually, it is cut just above the bust and leaves the cleavage, upper chest and arms completely bare.

However, we would call a strapless maxi dress in a fitted mermaid line, which emphasizes the waist and accentuates the figure, very charming.

One shoulder dress

As the name suggests, this neckline tends to hug one of your shoulders. This asymmetrical style adds intensity and imagination to your personality.

But depending on the fabric, it can also add an air of sophistication and can also make you look elegant by adding a formal character to your look. It is ideal for narrow shoulders and slender arms, as this neckline tends to widen the visual appeal.