Why do people prefer Santorini for honeymoon?

This island represents the marriage of the power of nature and the will of man to live and create. Could there be a more representative destination for your honeymoon than the island of Santorini? Take a Santorini tour now!

Certainly the sunset, the volcano, its white houses and the view from the Caldera are the perfect combination to create an unparalleled idyllic setting for any loving couple. But how many times will you look at the same scene? And what will you do in the mornings? I think you need some guidance to get out of the ordeal of the organization…


Santorini is famous for its beaches, mainly because they do not follow the standards of white sand and blue, transparent waters. The island has many geological features, creating many variations in the terrain, resulting in even beaches following this variety.

Red Beach

If Mars had a beach it would probably look like…

In the southwestern part of the island, very close to the village of Akrotiri, you will see the scenery become more wild. You will notice people go bouncing. Follow them and they will take you on the path to the crimson beach.

You will pass through large blocks, and you will suddenly see an Aryan backdrop, with steep cliffs and the sea to make a difference, with incredible colour palettes – one is the palette of many shades or colours – of deep emerald and blue.

It is a good idea to have your sports together to make the ride more comfortable. Don’t worry about the rest. The Red Beach is well-organized with sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a separate canteen. Also, you might come across a vendor selling watermelon slices, don’t hesitate, cool off!

Vlychada beach

And from Mars to the Moon…

You will surely seek your peace and privacy, so it is worth seeing the beach of Vlychada. There are few who say that it is the most beautiful beach of Santorini and not unjustly.

The landscape combines white and unique rock formations with black volcanic sand, creating a contrast that fascinates and points to a lunar landscape.

When you get to the beach, you will find some umbrellas and sun loungers, without limiting you to explore the coast further to the right. It would be a good idea to have waterproof sneakers with you, as on most Santorini beaches, like this one, you may find large rocks or rocks.

Akrotiri beach

Swimming in the shade of history…

This beach is located south-west of the island, after the settlement of Akros between the lighthouse and the Black Mountain. It may not be described as the most picturesque beach of Santorini, but it is considered one of the most deserted. Do not expect comforts, as there are neither sun beds nor canteens.

However, these “shortcomings” will be forgotten automatically when you look at the crystal clear waters and the magnificent views. So if you’re looking for a lonely half-bath in a cosmopolitan island like this, then Akrotiri is the answer!

Perivolos beach

Relaxing or having fun? Or both?

This peculiar beach is essentially a continuation of Perissa beach. Perivolos is one of the most beautifully organized coasts of the island, in the southeastern part of Santorini.

It is very large in length and width, and its characteristics are the fine sand and clear waters that deepen abruptly. Without exaggeration, after walking one and a half meters from the shore inward, you are suddenly in the “gap”, perhaps two meters deep.

Despite its peculiar morphology, Perivolos has a strong tourist attraction and excellent organization with sun beds, umbrellas, cafes, beach bars, beach-front taverns and many sea activities. At the same time, however, it is also ideal for relaxation, as you can find the peace you want from the bars.

Armeni Beach

A unique location…

Armeni can be described as a small seaside picturesque settlement in the northwestern part of the island, in the shadow of Oia. The beach of the settlement is small, with very deep waters, with large red and black rocks springing from within. If you love scuba diving, there is also a diving centre for romantic exploration of marine wealth.

If you’re still not a diving buddy, Armenis is perfect for you looking for separate locations for your swim. Equip yourself with sportswear if you are fit and want to get there from Oia by descending 286 steps. Alternatively, you could go by boat or on foot to Ammoudi, otherwise you are a donkey.


It is said that because of the volcanic eruptions, the land of Santorini gives a special flavour to the traditional products of the island. These are green cheese, white eggplant, capers and, of course, fava and Santorini tomatoes. Whichever restaurant you choose, accompany your meal with Vinsanto sweet wine or a Santorini Assortment.

Of course, if you are a beer lover, do not miss out on tasting the beers produced on the island with the sympathetic donkey or the volcano. The restaurants and taverns of the island are sure to satisfy every taste and wallet, as you will find gourmet restaurants, even souvenirs.

For seafood, sit at one of the picturesque taverns in the picturesque bay of Ammoudi, right on the beach, at Skaramanga on Monolithos beach, at Ammos in Perivolos, while making a stop at Koukoumavlos for fresh seafood in original combinations.

For cooks go to Nikola in the center of Fira, because it is a very famous spot, hoping to get lucky and find a table. In Oia but also in Imerovigli, there are many restaurants that combine good food and great views, while for something equally quality but simpler and more affordable, choose the Cretan Meat in Karterados, Raki in Megalochori and Callisti in Pyrgos.

Honeymoon tour in Santorini

For a romantic dinner try the Archipelagos terrace. The restaurant is located in Fira and will not only benefit you from the unique dishes of traditional Greek and local cuisine. Mainly with the stunning view that will keep you enthralled and enchanted.

If you’re in Firostefani don’t miss out on a diamond taverna, the Aktaion. Don’t miss the “tourist” side of it… There you will enjoy a romantic dinner in a warm atmosphere. With traditional décor and great food that combines incredible appetizers with gourmet touches.

The best restaurant, though, I left you for the end… What about a luxurious dinner on a rock at the outermost point of Oia? Lycabettus Restaurant can offer you the ultimate in taste, sight and service. If you want to impress your match with your sophisticated taste, then this is a one-way option. Honeymoon in Santorini!

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